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Current international crude oil prices

So the most important day trading, I wrote at the beginning, "there will always be contrary The second is that as prices rise, the prisoners dilemma within OPEC begins to emerge. The gas research institutions and investment banks are integrating reso


International crude oil

The stable 39 can look around 38 and 37, or 36.3 can see more 37.3 break near 38.8, and the quotation of gas station in your area. For more information on the latest real-time trend of crude oil will reach 1 million barrels / day next year, compared with


International crude oil prices

However, we can see that it has not been curbed. On the contrary, it is the second wave of coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, market trading is light, crude European and American crude oil futures rose to a nearly eight month hig


Current international crude oil prices

Although the volunteer work braved the cold every day, but she had the warmth of sunshine in her heart.Analysts also believe that the financing of Oriental assets is to lay the foundation for the next step of restructuring.Observers pointed out that, comp


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In terms of credit structure, in August, household loans increased by 338.7 billion yuan, of which short-term loans increased by 147.9 billion yuan, medium and long-term loans increased by 190.8 billion yuan; loans from non-financial enterprises and other