International crude oil market

International crude oil market

By Crude oil market dynamics

In terms of credit structure, in August, household loans increased by 338.7 billion yuan, of whichInternational crude oil market short-term loans increased by 147.9 billion yuan, medium and long-term loans increased by 190.8 billion yuan; loans from non-financial enterprises and other sectors increased by 373.2 billion yuan, including short-term loans increased by 146.4 billion yuan, medium and long-term loans increased by 231.2 billion yuan, and bill financing decreased by 12.5 billion yuan.

The sixth is to deepen the construction of rural payment service environment, including the establishment of rural financial comprehensive service stations and the popularization of mobile payment services.

From January to August 2013, the total scale of social financing reached one trillion yuan, one trillion yuan more than that of the same period of last year.

We should actively contact invited experts to offer special lectures to explain the spirit of the plenary session in detail for the employees.

Among them, the implementation of a larger scale of tax reduction and fee reduction is an important measure to reduce the burden of enterprises, stimulate the vitality of micro entities, and deepen the structural reform of the supply side.

Bitcoin China will suspend lending and borrowing seInternational crude oil marketrvices from January 12, 2017 in Beijing time, and users will be informed of any changes, according to the notice.