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U.S. crude oil import data

Why is the expansion of offshore crude oil inventories worrying? Because once the futures premium structure collapses and oil storage becomes unprofitable, these floating crude oils will flood the market on a large scale or cause oil prices to collapse ag


Nadex crude oil contract specifications

In the United States, the fund management community once conducted a survey: The most important thing for a long-term winning fund is not when it enters the market at what price, but how much the fund buys. This is the term often mentioned in the investme


Russian crude oil contract pdf

Russian crude oil giants are actively expanding production, but considering the existence of production reduction agreements, they also allow a part of the natural loss to reduce crude oil inventories. But they have made it clear that instead of maintaini


Crude Oil Analysis You Tube

As Irans main competitor in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has always supported Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement and reimposing sanctions. This support is not only motivated by ideological or religious considerations, it also has purely ec


Crude oil market price history

In the choice of trading varieties, there are large fluctuations and large trading volumes. Varieties with high volatility will have more room for profit. In a word, profits come from volatility. Large trading volume is to ensure that we are not prone to

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